About Me: 


Willemskantine (25-02-1998) is a multi disciplined artist from The Netherlands. 

Although his young age he strives to meet the demands every time by spending every second on his passion: making good photographs. Besides photography he also does creative direction, production, styling and graphic design work.  

"I'm actually not that much of a "I don't like to be in front of the camera" guy but I like the idea of a artist with no face, like Mf Doom with the mask I don't like to show my self that much. Although there was this time I thought about vlogging to get more attention to my photography ha ha. 

The craft analogue photography fits me because I like the time and knowledge you have to put in it to make a good photo. I later started interning at a Photolab to get to know more about how the developing and printing process works. When taking pictures I want control.

Maintaining quality and keeping up with a personal signature. Creating images you strongly believe in. Making images likable and portfolio worthy in a week, month or a year. Is a struggle every photographer/artist (what ever you want to call) has to deal with. I believe on a more long term approach to my work. Rather thinking long term when it comes to collaborations, investment and teaming up with other creatives. While it might be attractive to work one or to times with a brand to simply check it of the list. I’d rather shape our creations over a period of time getting to get a final.jpeg rather then it to be a quick shoot."

- Willemskantine


What others say about me:

“Passion, Ambition, Dedication, Creativity, Technical skills.. These are just a few of the great traits that come to mind when we think of Willem. Willem possesses a high knowledge of equipment and tools. This combined with his outstanding pre work and expertise of exterior and studio lighting, makes his photographs stand out and will let you know you are
dealing with an excellent photographer. Whether you work in front or behind of the camera, Willem makes everyone feel at ease and is truly a pleasure to work with. “ 

- Studio XYZ owner Jay Guds

“I First met Willem a year ago when he came into our shop for the first time as our Kiekie Editor. Through the months I saw him grow and grow and was a witness of his development of his skills in both Graphic Design and Photography. What's so special about Willem?

Although on the very young age of 19 years old, he already exactly  knows what he wants and he is a very dedicated person. He will not finish something when it isn't totally perfect and ready. That's an important skill when you want to be a professional photographer! Because that's exactly what I think Willem will be: a nice person to work with and a long career as a fashion photographer."

- Fotolab and magazine Kiekie, Amsterdam owner Denise Woerdman

- head of education FOAM, Amsterdam Insertname


Publications, expositions and workshops:

2017 - Group exposition -  A 12 frame window framed mood board

2017 - Article on Vice - Hills to Sea

2017 - Masterclass together with: FOAM Amsterdam and Redhooklabs

2018 - Article on i-D - ABZ

2018 - Article on Glamcult - With Pelican Studio (assisting) 

2018 - Group exposition - showcasing new work

2018 - Article on i-D - Feeled

2018 - Article in Kiekie Magazine 2 page spread.

2018 - HILLS TO SEA EXPO at De Balie

2018 - Take over VPRO DORST

2018 - Cover and spread in Het Parool

2018 - Article on NRC - Ares

2018 - Article on i-D - Jairo

2018 - Article on The Fader BEA1991

I worked closely together with the following modelling agency's: 

Max models - Touché models - Elvis Models - Known Model Management -

Movement ModelsFuture Faces


2019 - Film out on BOOOOOM.COM

2019 - Article on Noisey with S10

Selection of media output:

Ares Alice album front page of Parool and spread with interview.

Ares Alice album front page of Parool and spread with interview.

Willemskantine  out on Booooooom
WIllemskantine for: Filling Pieces full website display
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