- Unreleased interview -

Hello Bella,

In the attached file there is a small text about the project. 
Below you can find the extended version:

As a young photographer I often found myself in the receiving end of criticisme. Things like “can you change that color” or “photoshop that out” are things you often hear. Especially because I do a lot of work in the fashion industry.

In that industry I feel like you lose grip on the situation a lot faster because you work with someone else’s design. That control for me, is so incredibly precious. In my opinion it’s the difference between a good image and a work of art. Many of the people i cherish maintain that control in their work. For instance Wes Anderson and Erwin Olaf. They truly show an incredible amount of identity in the art that they make.

For this project I wanted to show that control and the feeling of freedom that comes with it. 
Im always busy with composing pictures and frames . I feel like a significant part of me is still a street photographer in the way I work. Seeing something and shooting it before the moment passes. But this time I was out for something different. The entire set is shot on a Hasselblad. This camera has a much bigger frame then an average camera. The whole serie’s is actually one photograph. The main image is cropped out into 5 different frames. That’s only possible with a camera that has a wider frame than a normal camera would have. A lot of my inspiration has been coming from paintings and in particular the work of painter Eric White. He posts a lot of detailed shots of his work on instagram. I like the fact that he literally serves his work, as if he’s like; “Check this out!” I use my photography as a way to discover. Frank Ocean would describe it as "a cheap vacation". Creating my own adventures going to weird places I helped “create”. I have also been massively inspired by Lynn Cohen. She photographs places without telling you where or what it is. You actually don’t even know if it’s real or set up. I think that Cohen and the Cape Cod collection by Joel Meyerowitz are the biggest inspirations on this project.

With the kindest of regards,