graphic design

For me, everything is design. Everything I write, draw, sketch and create is put on paper in a certain way. My way. My homework used to take twice the time of my other peers because I believed the teacher would give me  higher grades because I worked on my essays in Indesign. That philosophy sparked my interest in design and photography.

 I make advertisements, posters, album covers but also social media campaigns, websites, portfolios etc.  

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Olympus advertisement 

Olympus student package deal advertisement 2018. 

Olympus Corporation is a Japanese company that specializes in optics and photo technology. Olympus was founded in 1919 and has its headquarters in Tokyo.



AISE LUXOR LIVE poster 2017. 

16th of April, AISÉ is hosting a new edition of Calor in Luxor Live. An evening where many different people come together for a tropical evening full of electronic music. This edition is very special since 'Night of Fashion' takes place.


DuPho advertisement 

Dupho advertisment 2018.

DuPho stands for Dutch Photographers and is the professional organization for professional photographers. DuPho believes in the power and value of image, connects, inspires, advises and represents photographers in the legal, business and creative field.